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A2 P807 UV Machine

Our Level IV UV Machine which is Enterprise as well as very much affordable for those who are looking for Industrial 16×24 Inches UV Printer. This printer is having DX7 Print head with 8 Colors and 3.5 Pl Nozzles Size. Each Color have 180 nozzles . Very Much Recommended For all types of Hard & Soft Materials

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Here are The Details Which You Need to Know About

  • Prolificgeeks UV digital printing series products are used for industrial production. It combines fast printing speed and elegant design at a suit, make the digital printing production to become a reality.
  • Print conveniently and dry immediately. Our UV printer can print on any flatbed materials, such as glass,leather,metal,fabrics,ceramics,wood, bamboo,plastic,carton board,PVC,acrylic,advertising materials etc.
  1. The most advanced technique DX7 Head better then DX5 Head, which is very easy for Maintenance
    4 color or 8 color printing, At the same time because of “color symmetric arrangement” technology so that four-color bidirectional mode no longer “PASS line” problem.
  2. Unique continuously alterable printing technology, Image fidelity.
  3. Ink drops alterable technology can be 3.5 to 21 Pl
  4. Prints on many kind of medias:
    a. Metal Type : Gold, silver, copper, iron, non-stainless steel, aluminum etc.
    b. Inorganic Type : Acrylic, wood, leather, cloth, Plastic of PVC, PP, PE, PU etc.
    c. Organics Type : Crystal, glass, porcelain, stone etc.
  5. Application field.It can be applied on sign making, digital photo studio, leather products, shoes, T-shirt,gifts, beauty products and handicraft etc.
  6.  High speed and high resolution printing.It takes only 32 seconds to finish a A3 printing, and the highest resolution can be up to 2880DPI. So it can do High resolution printing as well as mass productions.
  7. It can directly print on hard and soft objects, support roll and sheet format medias.
  8. Auto cleaning printhead: This function makes the printhead cleaning job much easier, more convenient, faster, and safer.
  9. Perfect ink supply systems: This model adops the large capacity Bottle, makes  the operation procedures more convenient, cleaner and easier to refill inks. Also it provides  consistent pressure to the ink supply systems which makes a better ink liquidity, ensure the printheads working properly.
  10. With LCD display, can control the carriage left and right, can control the media forward and back.
  • Brand Name:ProUV
  • Interface Type:USB
  • After-sale Service:Online/Offline/Onsite
  • Launch Date:2019
  • Supports Network Printing:Wired
  • Model Number:A2 Flatbed Printer
  • Application:For Industrial/Commercial
  • Double-sided Printing:No
  • Black Print Speed:8pp
  • Style:Color
  • Internal Memory:None
  • Print Speed:8ppm
  • Voltage:100-240V
  • Type:Inkjet
  • Use:Ink Jet UV Printer
  • Color Print Speed:8pp
  • Consumable Type:Separate Toner
  • Paper Feed Mode:Automatic and manual
  • Max. Resolution:5760*1440dpi
  • Max Paper Size:76*58*55cm
  • Use:T-shirt Printer
  • Print head :for Epson DX7 Print head
  • Apply on :Glass, leather, metal, fabrics, ceramics, wood, bamboo, plastic, carton board, PVC, acrylic
  • Printing Hight:80mm
  • Printing Size :16×24 inch
  • Warranty :One Year
  • Quality:High Quality
  • P807 UV Textile printer only print on Hard Materials like Plastic & Rubber, Phone cases? Can it also print on rigid materials, like leather, acrylic, pen, balls, Wood, Glass etc..?

These printers are multi-functional printers :By filling in Uv ink, It can print on all kinds of Rigid Materials ,such as glass, leather, metal, fabrics, ceramics, wood, bamboo, plastic, carton board, PVC, acrylic etc.

  • In which colors Rigid Materials can be printed? 

Uv printer can print all kinds of colors on Rigid Materials. 

  • Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating ?

No, only the Metal Kind of materials  need be sprayed a coating before printing. It’s depend on ink for light Materials  also some time Need some minimal Precoating 

  • How can we start to use the printer? 

We will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer.Before use the machine,please read the manual and watch the teaching video and operate strictly as the instructions.We will also offer excellent service by providing free technical support online. 

  •  What’s the printing cost?

Usually,1.25ml ink can support to print a A3 full size image.Printing cost is very low.

  • How can i adjust the print height?

These printer installs screws based you need to tightened & lose to adjust the height of printing objects. if you need Automatic Height then its a addon feature you can add it by paying Extra cost 

  • where can i buy the spare parts and inks?

We also provide spare parts and inks, you can buy from me directly or other suppliers .

  • what about maintenance of the printer?

About maintenance, we suggest to power on the printer once a day. If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days then it may create issue like print head clog etc, please clean the print head with Uv cleaning liquid and make sure your Printer should not come direct to sun light

  • All of the machines had been test strictly before delivery.but we cannot absolute avoid the accidental damage in transit,if it caused any question,please contact with us and cooperate with our service for maintenance.
  • We are not providing any warranty on print head ,ink pump and ink cartridges :    Questions on normal use, will provide new ones within one year (not includes shipping cost). Beyond one year, only charge at cost .We offers excellent service and support.
  • Due to the machine in the application must use a special ink, for print head only guarantee good condition when buying, After using the ink ,the nozzle blocking, pumps and accessories get corrosive , or the main board burned when cleaning nozzle in a wrong way, they are not within the scope of free warranty.
  • we will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer,if you have any question during using this machine,we will provide online technical support.online checking and guidance,we can solve any questions. But the maintenance process needs customers’ cooperation.
  • Maintenance without authorization and the guidance from my company, the buyer should undertake the responsibility. 
  • The goods must be signed by the buyer itself. and before sign it, if you find the outer packaged is damaged, must take photos as proof and write “the package is damaged during shipping” on the waybill and also open the package to check the printer in the front of the courier. If the printer appearance is ok, we will arrange the technician to help checking online. If found the original package is replaced or total damaged, please refuse to sign it.
  • Customs Clearance fees occurred in importing countries, such as import duties, etc., shall be borne by the buyers.

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece

Package Weight: 40.0kg (88.18lb.)

Package Size: 67cm x 64cm x 50cm (26.38in x 25.20in x 19.69in)


Top Features

  • ARM Embeded Platform System

    • Automatic One key Insert plate & Out system
    • Heavy duty Industrial Base you can work like 24 Hours
    • Compressive hardware Detection proof reading Function
    • Easy Understandable system so you can do it by yourself
  • High Precision Plate Movement

    • Automatic One key Drive manipulated with high Precision
    • Used Nemma 23 Stepper Motor
    • Worked very precisely with micro step driver
    • Quality Smart limit sensors to Stop platen without any click
  • Continuity ink Supply Solution with Proper Lock Valves

    • 500ml Bottle CISS for Fast & Easy Maintenance
    • Ink Rotation system with white Ink which prevent from clogging print head.
    • Lock valve helps to Change Inks and change dampers .
    • With ink filter, its filter all dust when air get sucked
  • Based on Epson Engine but we Use Textile Ink process

    • Used Simple and pressurised pigment Ink system
    • Heavy pressurised system to inject ink dampers.
    • Direct to Dampers from bottle to intermediate
    • Easy to understand & Maintain system

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What our customers say

Smriti Studios : Bought P607 DTG From Us

I have got my dtg printer delivered on time by prolific geeks and I must say it works really smooth both with white and CMYK colors. It was worthy believing and investing with them onto the printer. The demos, details, and mostly the continuous support even after delivery is the best part what I like about prolific geeks. Even, in terms of costing after discussing with many other vendors, prolific geeks are the quality provider in the most cheapest rate. Technically very sound and thank you for also providing me with the small motar mechanism to keep my white ink proper. Great job.

Prithviraj Roy
Smriti Studios

JP Brothers- Bought P807 from Us

I was looking for DTG printer in Indiamart for my brand JP TEES .After so many demo’s and checking all the big printers in many places in india but no-one is able to deal good & better printer in my budget range and We finally got prolifcgeeks number from Indiamart. and purchase P807 A2 size printer As far as i know prolificgeeks is the only company who is delivering 16×24 inches printer @ very nominal cost the best thing i liked about prolificgeeks is you can contact any time and they prominently resolve issue in hour . Till now i have printed around 2000 t-shirts and very happy with the printer or you can say his support . I recommend prolificgeeks printer who are looking for best and superbly customized solution for printing
Jp Brothers